For over 15 years, CCAH has worked with breeders all over the world to provide a full range of canine reproduction services, including:

  • Ovulation Timing and Breeding
    • Physical exam
    • In-house progesterone tests
    • Vaginoscopy
    • LH testing
    • Breeding via artificial insemination, transcervical insemination, surgical insemination
  • C-Sections
  • On-site semen collection and frozen storage​

The veterinarians at CCAH also perform reproduction consults, semen evaluation and help to manage other reproduction-specific conditions.  We routinely freeze and store semen onsite that can be used months or even years later.  Our experienced team of doctors, technicians, and support staff are hospital technicians are proud to assist with C-sections, whelping and perinatal care.


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